Tuesday, August 4, 2009

what do people possibly want?

you know, i really hate making immature viewpoint private. there is really nothing exciting in here at all yet i have visitors from time to time that come to find "evidence" im sure. Elji's hometown is relatively small so to have the "coincidental" visitor from that place - well, lets just say i'd prefer they keep their nose out of my blog.

thats the beauty of feedjit...you see who's entering your blog.

i wont keep this place private forever. i dont like it that way. my thoughts on that subject is if youre going to have a blog on the world wide web then you should expect a certain amount of unwanted company. just that particular company is company i would prefer never darken any door of mine.

when i go private, many readers dont know how to get in touch with me and a couple do know how to get in touch with me and write me thinking ive blocked them specifically. i dont like hurt feelings at all.

but what do the unwanted intruders want? information? proof? dirt? secrets? or just to figure out who i am perhaps.

how much easier it would have been had they taken the time to talk to me personally instead of lying and ruining my reputation.

anyway thanks for your patience and loyalty.

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