Monday, June 24, 2013

im living half of a life

i miss having a husband. im still married but im not at the same time. legally im married to my husband of ten years but i havent lived with him since 2008. one day, ill divorce is costly.

in the meantime, ive grown older and lonely.  i watch other couples having a great time and wish i could rejoin the ranks. i feel like im out of the club..on the outside looking in.

i try not to let it bother me but it does. especially around any holiday time when family's are preparing for the big days. or when i wish i had someone with which to share a cup of coffee.

sometimes, i just wish that my husband had left me alone, had not pursued me but thats not how it happened and i got married to the wrong person.  when we were together, i didnt know that he was the wrong person. amazingly enough, up until the time he left, i thought we had a good marriage.

goes to show never really know a person do you?

anyway, thats where i am. wishing i had a partner, yet still tied to another and the world keeps spinning.

im 51, i shouldnt be having to think of looking for someone...i should be looking to settle down for the gray years.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

new blog on the block

hi all!
just wanted to let you know that my daughter in law has just started blogging for the first time!

she has lost nearly 100 pounds and she has really great advice that she actually lives by!

visit when you can...

stefanie's road to a healthier lifestyle