Sunday, July 19, 2009

irish eyes are weeping....

actually the world is most likely weeping at the loss of such a prolific writer as Frank McCourt who died today in NYC.

there are very few books that capture my devotion anymore, very few stories that ingrain themselves into my heart, very few lives that forever remain in my memory and reduce me to heartache for the sadness endured...then the victories to come.

and no one, other than Mr McCourt, did i ever call my "favorite" author.

from the very second that i opened the first book that i read from mr McCourt, i was forever a fan of this man that passed through so many trials and poverty beginning in brooklyn then back to Ireland until he finally reached his destiny as a teacher in America.

how many tears did i shed while reading his book, "Angelas Ashes" and so i did today when i read of his death....such a talent.

i had tucked in the back of my brain somewhere the hope to meet him one day is gone now but his words live on dont they?

though i dont's a pint to ya Mr McCourt!


  1. salam, thank you for leaving your comments on my blog... i have enjoyed reading your blog, insha'Allah i wish you strength in this life and the next ameen ya rubb...


  2. Assalaam Alaikum sweetie,

    I love the theme song to that movie, just beautiful! Thanks for adding the music Jana, I love how it tells a story you know. And I can't get over just how much I love your blog header photo, it's so pretty especially with the overcast skies above.

    I was also saddened by his death and the lack of attention it got compared to other star deaths. We always lose the greats!

    And excellent book, I wish the movie was as good as the book but they never are LOL. Love you so much sweetie and so glad to follow you!