Wednesday, April 30, 2008

did i say those squirrels were cute?

yes i did i think........until this morning when one of them nearly made my heart stop cold!!!

i was sitting here at my computer when i heard a huge thud. one of the squirrels jumped from the back porch ONTO the window so when i looked up all i saw was a spread eagled squirrel flattened against the window sliding down looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool.

he scared the crap outta me!!

ok is that something to blog about?

poll time.

1. yep sure why not, we're all boring ppl and want to read about your squirrels.
2. no, i say we cook those squirrels with some gravy and biscuits
3. no your entries about rodents are boring.

do i sound bored? hmmmm. not really. just alone in the house (well everyones asleep) and my computer.

oh and my cup of java.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

oh yeah i have a blog.

well after being away for sometime, the mood finally struck me to return. what have i been up to? nothing too different really. just trying to get through some trying times and i think ive gotten over the summit and hitting an even road.

since i last wrote, one of my mothers dear friends asked that my mom come back to their home town and stay for a month with her at her home. so i discussed it one of my brothers and sisters and decided it would be good for her. so thats where she is now. and she is so so happy. but she gets so homesick for her home. her little apt. i feel really bad for her regarding this but there is nothing different that can be done i fear.

now on to other subjects, i live about 40 mins from atlanta. we have a tiny masjid in our area and alhamdulillah for it. it serves its purpose but there is very little to do there. we have tried to enroll our daughter in weekend islamic classes since she was 4. when she turned 4 they said they had raised the min age to 5, when she turned 5........yep you got it, they had raised the age to 6. wow wonder what will happen when she turns 6 in nov. we have been talking about moving to atlanta where there are large mosques and huge islamic neighborhoods. there are islamic private schools there. more activities for muslims in general. inshallah we can make a decision about that soon.

outside of my back door i have 2 birdfeeders, squirrel feeder and a little bird bath. that is one of my favorite pasttimes. sitting at the back window and watching the various birds and all the cute squirrels come to eat. one of my favorites is the tiny squirrel who is missing most of his tail. he comes daily. oh yeah we have great fat squirrels who have grown hefty at my expense, but he is my fave......puny, nearly tailless and nervous. i love to watch him. i feed them peanuts and sunflower seeds. he will get his peanut and get INSIDE our grill and crack it open and eat it. subhanallah they are wonderful to watch. i wish you could see the birds that come. we have everything from hummingbirds, to swallows to cardinals to bluebirds to great big doves and blackbirds come swooping through. i remember laughing one day seeing a tiny swallow pick up one of the squirrels HUGE peanuts and start to peck at the shell actually eating the peanuts.

today, my youngest daughter asked to go somewhere on the city bus. yep the bus. so we left our home and went to the nearest bus stop and took a trip to the mall. i let her shop for a couple of shirts, have a meal, buy a toy and then have some ice cream. she loved it!!! she wants to ride the bus again lol. i was a little leary as there was thunder and lightening cracking all around us. but she had a blast. she leaned against me in the bus on the way home and said thank you mommy for the special day. then she fell asleep against me!

enough for now. see you guys later.

Monday, April 7, 2008

i am signing off for a while

i dont know when ill be back to write anything here. i wont be frequenting any forums other than my own, the cozy corner, and probably whyislam.

i hope i didnt bore too many of you with my ramblations (yeah i made that word up).

so to the ladies of cafemom, sobia and the other bloggers especially safa, i hope that things go well for you.

catch you on the next go around.


Friday, April 4, 2008

ok NOT off to mississippi

yep she changed her mind but thats ok. thats her right. im just happy that she didnt change it after we had started driving. i was dreading the drive anyway. did i mention that i hate long distance driving?

so we just sat together today....watching her game shows on the gameshownetwork. i went out and bought her some new t shirts in bright sunny colors to brighten her mood up a bit.

did i mention that she uses my liquid laundry detergent like there is no tomorrow? lol she does. and i have OCD about using too much liquid. i used to stand over my teens to see how much they were putting in each load. so today i bought her some tide powder with a scoop in it. maybe that'll work out better for her. in the meantime? my liquid tide is hidden in the cupboards lol.

we stood together at the back window watching the birds at our birdfeeder and the squirrels eating the peanuts and sunflower seeds that i put out for them.

i try to remind myself to cherish a moment like day it will just be her memory beside me.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

off to mississippi

my mother has decided to head off to mississippi to spend some time with my sister. im actually a little relieved. not that i want her to go but she has been so homesick and as each day passes it gets worse. it was stressing me out a little bit. ive had a lot of worries on my mind lately so this will relieve some of the pressure. when im at work im always worried that she is not eating well or taking her meds properly.

i need a vacation.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

my immature viewpoint

is just that! immature. and silly. and pointless.