Sunday, May 17, 2009

the raw ache

i feel like i have been left with a raw heart. just aches so badly dont know what to do.

time heals all........oh when can i have my time?


  1. Okay! I know it hurts....
    even after one n half years, I still lament about my ex-buddy(though the whole thing was only 4 months), though I am already out with another...
    Perhaps time only fades, never heals but it is up to us to "erase" even the faded

  2. I remember one time when Oprah told her designer Nate Berkus who had lost his boyfriend in the 2005 Tsunami something.

    "There will be a new normal."

    There will be for you as well. Keep hanging in there. Everyday, it will get a little easier, and eventually you will feel good again.

    I love you!