Saturday, May 2, 2009

i guess ill try to live.

so. it has been exactly one week at this time of day that i heard from him. no no i take that back..actually tomorrow, sunday, is when he called and was only allowed to ask for me..after that his family took over.

it has been the longest, most tumultuous week ive spent in a while. filled with his family saying wicked things, lies about me, twisting events around to make me look bad, turning good intentions into disgusting actions.

i couldnt win from with them even had i been perfect because i was not what they wanted from him.

so...unless, inshallah, i hear from him eventually (please please), im just going to try to get through each day and try to be strong and hand all of my heartbreak and sorry to Allah.

you know, elji was just great. he IS great. if i never hear from him again i will always wonder about him. we promised each other that if we lost each other that once we're old, we will find each other again inshallah...i told him until that day, ill stay single, move to a little cottage in ireland....

...........and wait for him.


  1. salam Sister

    I'm very sorry to hear about your heartbreak... its just so hard to deal with. Inshallah its not over and he can be free of his family. I'm sure I'm missing something but it seems so wrong for them to keep you apart...

  2. Inshallah he will call again Jana. I do believe it, maybe he just can't with them afoot. Be strong sweetie and know that we are with you. If he doesn't call, Allah knew that you would have eventually been unhappy due to his families intereference. I love you always sweetie, call me if you want to talk!