Friday, May 1, 2009

forgive me

for making the blog private but i had no choice. ive decided to reopen it. but it is with heavy heart.

elji loved me like no other..he still does.

i love him.

but ive lost him to his family. they took him from me.

i doubt ill ever hear from him again.

i have to accept that.

but my burden is so heavy.

i try to give it to Allah

but...i woke up this morning forgetting that he is out of my life. i picked up my cell phone (habit) to see if there were any messages.

then i remembered.

l feel like something is crawling over my skin.

i dont know which way to turn.

1 comment:

  1. Oh sweetie I don't blame you one bit. I figured that there were things you wanted to say to him, that you couldn't say publicly. That you were using your blog to communicate, and I lovd you for it. NEVER in my wildest dreams cold I have imagined that he had other things in mind, and I'm so sorry. My hope is that the phone will ring again, maybe he can't until his family is out of the way. I love the new blog look sweetie. Love you.