Friday, March 6, 2009

my house is way too silent.

yesterday, while i was at work, my oldest son left home to find a new life in another state. i knew that he had been planning on leaving for some time but he told me on tuesday that he would be leaving yesterday. just two days notice. my other children have an apartment together. so now its my 6 year old and me.

this time last year there were 6 people living in this home. 4 children and the parents. seems we've been down sized. im sure youre thinking that the 6 year old keeps it lively and she does to an extent but she is bored without anyone else there now.

i can hear the echoes coming from the hallway of yesteryear and im truly sad. i know this is the empty nest syndrome but its hard. it was really really hard to come home to a quiet house. only sign of life was my lonely kitty. and my dearest Elji made it easier by being with me on the phone to make it easier for me when i walked into that empty house. he thinks of everything i swear.
my son's bedroom door is always closed in the mornings when i wake up, so it wasnt easy to wake up this morning and see the door open, moon shining through his window into an empty room......sigh.

my regret? that i didnt even hug him goodbye yesterday morning before i went to work because i had plotted to keep him one more day because i have the day off today. i was sure i could convince him to wait but when i asked him he said he was going on. he was eager to start anew and i dont blame him at all. i wish him the best of luck.

but he is my oldest and i dont know when ill see him again.

at least we all played in the snow together. all of us...before he left.

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