Monday, March 2, 2009

let it snow, let it snow, let is snow....NOT.

so last sunday was lazy and comfortable but today? dear God...i didnt think it would ever end. and it still hasnt really.

it started out normal enough but raining. that wasnt a big deal. i had heard a few times on the news that it may snow today but that it would never stick.
we dont get much snow in the south and i have to say thank God for that. snow is beautiful yes but thats about it.

by 11am it was still raining and the wind was howling through our windows. i told my 6 year old daughter that i doubt very seriously it will snow. she and i went to shower and wash our hair. my 17 year old daughter had clogged the toilet in the smaller bathroom and it had overflowed causing a disaster in there so as soon as i had finished showering and dressing i was going to head to the store to buy another plunger to replace our missing one (how does one lose a plunger?). kylee had also spent the previous night coughing incessantly so i needed cough medicine also.

i walked by the living room window but stopped abruptly. i thought, "wow that rain looks weird". then i realized it wasnt rain but SNOW. huge flakes drifting down heavily. i told my daughters to look out of the window because i knew they would be thrilled. of course they were, and they ran to tell their 3 brothers! i thought my cat would be interested too but she nearly shredded the skin on my arms trying to get back into the house!! (btw..happy birthday kitty. she is 1 today. she received a lovely new pink, faux diamond studded collar with a jingly bell on it and kitty treats).

by the time i got out of the house and drove to the store, everything was coated in white and my car was sliding around in various directions! i got the few things i needed and headed out and it was even worse. my car was covered in snow and i couldnt even back out.

now you have to know that southerners cannot drive in snow. that just aint happening! we're total blooming idiots. somehow i worked my little car out of that spot and headed slowly home. i saw an absolutely stunning display of whiteness at a little park and i drove closer to it so that my daughters could see and lo and behold if i didnt get REALLY stuck there. i put my car in forward and sliding and twisting in ways that i wasnt turning it while a policeman sat nearby obviously amused at my efforts. finally somehow i got out of that mess and vowed to go straight home.

the snow got heavier and heavier and it got colder and colder. huge limbs started snapping off of trees. my lights started flickering. i looked out of my window to see a massive pool of red in the snow. WTH?? my sons and their friends had been having a snowball fight and one of the friends threw a tightly packed snowball at the other friends NOSE and it had bled out into the snow.

i decided to charge my battery on my cell phone and turned the heat up high to warm the house more just in case we lost power and no sooner had i done that......lights out! no power. i was talking to Elji by cell phone. we decided i should venture again to the nearest store to get candles and supplements before it got dark in case the power was not restored. all of my older children had ventured out with their friends. at least they were enjoying themselves.

i trudged out with kylee. where was my car!!?? all the cars were totally covered in white so i had to wipe the snow to find my red paint. we got in but i was able to only back halfway out into the street before it got stuck again. this time i coudnt get it to go forward or backwards. and when i did try, it would start to slide sideways into the next car. my next door neighbors heard the motor revving so they came out and pushed my car back into its parking place. they also gave me candles and matches! so kylee and i went back inside and bundled together under a few blankets. slowly everyone started coming back home which was a relief for me.

finally after a few hours, the power was restored and i was able to warm the house again and cook. the lights have flickered several times since then but ive prayed and kept my fingers crossed.

i had to cancel my work day since i drive an hour away to a mountainous area. i wasnt about to try to make that at 5am.

then poor kylee. she has not stopped coughing and couldnt sleep. and because she couldnt sleep, i couldnt sleep. and because i couldnt sleep, im here blogging about it instead!

its now 2am and there are only 2 things i want right go to sleep and to wake up tomorrow to see the snow melting!


  1. Salams sis! We're getting the storm now. It's only the second significant snow that we've gotten and I have to say I'm thrilled, but only because I don't have to go out. The kids were supposed to have friends over but that's not happening, unfortunately. They were bummed at first, but I told them we can make snow candy and that intrigued them. Take care of yourself and don't drive anywhere! Kris

  2. Ick!!!!!!!!!! Snow!!!!!!!!!!! Hope it's gone by tomorrow!!!

  3. totally did not enjoy it!!! its melting but oh so slowly. mostly just rooftops and such. the roads are a slushy muddy mess.