Wednesday, March 11, 2009

its hard when your child loses a friend.

my 17 year old daughter lost two of her best friends this past weekend. two very nice, well mannered young men. kenny and robert were their names. they had been playing glow in the dark miniature golf and returning home. problem is, they were speeding down the by pass in our city and lost control of their vehicle, crossed over into oncoming traffic hitting a vehicle head on causing other cars to crash as well. the car that her friends were in flipped several times and burst into flames. a friend of one of my sons got to them first and pulled them from the burning vehicle and tried anything to save them until help could arrive but they died on the scene. there was another young fellow who is in the hospital now. im not sure of his condition.

my daughter is devastated and has been afraid to sleep at night.

she told me something today that shook me to the core. she was invited to go with them to the mall that day to meet up with other friends but had promised another friend that she would spend the day with her first. she also had to babysit her younger sister. had she gone, she would have been in that car.

poor judgement, age and inexperience at the wheel led to their demise. they were well loved in the community and i just wanted to add a video that just gives you an idea of how people felt about them.

they were best friends for years. they did everything together. they even died together.

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