Monday, December 22, 2008

its what ive waited why am i scared?

this post will be short. and as i talk too much as it is, that will be a miracle in itself.

my islamic divorce papers came in my email today for printing.

thats what ive been waiting for, so why now am i scared as heck?



  1. it might just be shaitaan. he's alwys trying to change people's minds or trying to instill other thoughts in people.

    just say 'whatever' and astaghfirullah and aoodhubillahi minash shaitaan nirrajeem, and sign those suckers up.

  2. Because change no matter how good or how needed is always scary.

  3. Dear Jana Z,

    You may remember me from Our Rewards blog. Anyway, I really like you and hope that your okay today. You will be amazed by how easy it will become to move on in time. Love, Yasmin/Lisa

  4. of course i know you!!! its terribly difficult today. it seems that a rush of memories are flowing through my head. i have been thinking of the good times and the important things that happened to us in our lives. i think of our anniversaries and our laughter and does it all mean so much to one person and apparently nothing to another. its a very painful notion.

  5. It sounds like you did everything you could to be a good wife to someone who didn't deserve it. I also often wondered about how I cared and he didn't with my first husband. It is like a death really and worse than one because the ex is still alive but doesn't care. Like every death it will take time to heal but someday Jana there will be someone else and you'll completely forget. And even if there's no one else I can assure you that your heart will move on. Lisa/Yasmin