Saturday, November 15, 2008

cinema night!!

the one thing and maybe the only thing i hate about being separated from my husband is lack of a date!! but my eldest son stepped into that spot last night and we went to see bond...james bond. quantum of solace. was actually excellent and 007 didnt even use one single high tech spy gadget. fists and guns lol..thats it. and daniel craig is definately not too shabby either.


  1. quantum of solace looks crappy.

    lol sorry

  2. Over here, it got bad reviews. I still want to check it out though! :) I'm glad you had a good time and what better 'date' than your very own son.

    Wish you the best, dear.

  3. Really!

    I dunno but all my buddies are saying its crap!
    I may see it -- for Judi Dench

  4. judi dench is awesome as always!!! daniel craig definately is good for the eyes!!!

  5. I really enjoyed it, though I think 007 needs to not be such an emotionally involved softie. Bring back the swinging 60's 007! He was just more fun.