Monday, October 20, 2008

what the heck?

i woke up this morning in an absolutely awesome mood!! first time in weeks. i slept well. i woke up energetic and happy.

and of course i said, "what the heck?" i took my coffee to the back porch and actually smiled!!!

first time in days and days and days and...........


thanks to anyone that was sending up prayers for me. you did good!


  1. This was a very nice blog to come across this morning. I'm so happy for you Jana. (Not that I don't always enjoy seeing a blog from you). This one made my heart light to read that you have received some ease to your sadness. I might not always write to you but you're always in my prayers. Kris

  2. kris, you know i love you dearly!!!

    pixie, i want to thank you for always floating around here somewhere and being postive. i tried to find an email for you so i could write. but of course, found none.

  3. Hmmmmph,good pace of thoughts well linked and well placed - I see that you are going through a transformation and a restless inside of you is brimming with "expose" (read exposay.). I believe that you are still not satisfied with yourself but want yourself to be known "intellectually", right???