Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thought of the Day

when you write a post about good and decent things, you may get one or two comments.

but write a post about the horrors in your life and you get 1000 comments. no not just my blog. look at the blogs where people are speaking about their private lives with the most intimate or horrific details included. THOSE posts get noticed big time.

blogs about co wives get the most traffic. people who are unhappy and lamenting online get the most hits. being abused? you can count on heavy support.

i noticed it before i ever had a blog. be happy? very few comments. be sad and miserable and angry? alot of comments.

when i write here, i get comments from some telling me that i should do better . yet i have another very positive website with information for people wanting to learn more about islam. you can even leave comments.....good input there? no, never. but ill bet if i wrote how islam is not serving me well, i would DEFINETLY get alot of input.

just saying...it really doesnt make any difference to me. its human nature i guess. a postive upbeat post is boring. the sad, troubled, angry post is exciting. makes you just want to comment and preach!!


  1. ill bet if i wrote how islam is not serving me well, i would DEFINETLY get alot of input.

    I think it's a mistake to assume Islam (or any other ideology) is the sum total of human experience. In putting this sort of expectation on it, we set ourselves up for disappointment.

    The structures we adopt to relate to ourselves and the world are not ends in themselves. They're tools in a process which lasts our whole lives long. Perhaps Islam isn't the right tool to solve every problem in your life, but it's obviously useful in other ways. Of course if you outgrow it, it can be abandoned, but perhaps it can be subsumed into a more expansive and holistic program.

    The program which works for you is something that you have to build from the ground up. There are no guarantees.

    Glad you're in the mood to write some positive stuff, by the way. That's nothing to scoff at, and we're probably all grateful for your good fortune, even if we don't always comment.

  2. i dont want you to get the wrong idea greg. im not saying that islam is not serving me well, im saying that i get no feedback at the other islamic website because everything i write there is positive. yet IF i wrote something negative you can bet i'd get loads of comments.

    islam serves me very well. im the one that doesnt serve it well.

  3. I don't know why people love drama so much:/

  4. Asalamalaykom,

    Sr. J., you wrote that you were happy. There isn't a huge rush to tell you, 'YAAY!' because you aren't in immediate need to be advised, or soothed, or shown kindness. I mean...you're fine, right? So, that's why you don't get as many comments.

    If you walk into a classroom, the happy, well-adjusted kids are noticed by the teacher. The other kids who are screaming, crying, or hitting would be in the way though, wouldn't they? That's how it is in the blogosphere too.

    And to pixie: it's human nature to love drama. That's why theatre has been around since the ancient Greeks.

    The blogs, however, don't have to be all angst-ridden to get readership. They just have to be interesting--which too many of the happy, shiney blogs fail to be.

  5. pixie i did get your info thanks!!

    yosra, i always comment on other ppls blogs when they have reached a happy point because i am truly happy for them!!!

    im not just referring to my blog. i mean life in general really.

    i think this speaks volumes for the readers who hold no interest for shiny happy posts.

  6. Its not just blogs...Look at T.V. look at the newspapers....Nobody wants to hear about the happy stuff...its too boring.....

  7. I guess I'm weird. I hate hearing about bad stuff. I like happy, sappy things.:)

  8. pixie youre not weird!! i like to see others find happiness especially if they have been unhappy!