Saturday, September 27, 2008

well......just well.

he left last night.

to visit his parents for the remainder of ramadan and eid.

then to pakistan.

to decide his fate. to meet with his potential future wife.

i need a sadness meter to put here.

dont have one...this will do


  1. Babe if he really really loved you then he will come back. Maybe in his fate deciding he will realize that you are the woman he wants to be with. But don't get your hopes up honey...if he needs to go to Pakistan to decide his fate then there is more than family standing in his way.

  2. I'll make dua for you... try not to be sad. Its all the Qadr of Allah.

  3. the trip to pakistan was decided before we even knew each other. im the latest actor in the play. i am trying to be brave..but i suck.

  4. If a man really loves you, nothing would stand in his way. Never put your happiness on a man. Cherish the moments you had, grieve for your loss and move on. Don't ever waste energy over someone who wouldn't do the same for you.

  5. lol @ you suck... you don't suck. :)

  6. he is very upset also. and there are bits and pieces to our story that i dont care to reveal. i dont expect anyone to understand it really. and you cant really get the entire idea without me adding the missing links..just need to get this off of my chest.

    today has been really awful for me. ive done anything i can think of to focus on something else. theatre, shopping, just out driving.

    its not easy ppl....and i just have to wait to see how things go. thing is, whatever Allah gives me i will accept

  7. I can feel that sinking feeling.....oh I remember it so well. You put so much faith and hope into the man. And that's where we fail....we should put that faith and hope into Allah.'s a lonely road you walk down....and the path is well worn. Many have gone before you, and more will go afterwards.......

  8. its amazing safa, when i first started reading your blog i was content with my husband. i used to tell my husband all of the time what was going on with you. and now look at me!!!! on the worn road. oh well alhamdullilah.

  9. Asalamalaykom,

    Releasing another person to the care of Allah is better than keeping them in your grip. If he is your naseeb, then his name is all over you and no one else will have him but you. If he is not your naseeb, you will learn that soon enough and there is nothing you can do about it. Leave it for Allah and live your life. Make positive changes in yourself while he's gone, inshahallah.