Saturday, September 27, 2008

the power of prayer....i can only assume.

salam readers!!

ive had so many people tell me that they are praying for me and my situation..its really incredible. want to thank you for that, God will definately reward you.

the point of this is that im feeling incredibly calm. not the sad, nervous wreck that i was last night or earlier today. i literally could not sit still.

im not usually that good at calming myself so i sincerely believe that your prayers and my own have brought me to the place where i am now.

hopefully tonight is laylat al qadr (night of power), a very important night during ramadan. one when the prayers offered this night are better than praying for a thousand months and our sins are wiped away. that we become closer to Allah this night than any other night of the year. i plan on praying til i cant pray anymore!

please be patient with me. im not perfect. im a human being.

a very calm, peaceful human being. the power of prayer. alhamdullilah.


  1. Asalamalaykom Jana,

    Alhumdulillah you feel a change. Miracles do happen at Ramadan. A life can completely turn around in a second. Believe. Keep believing. Everything you want is within your reach. You only need Allah to help you achieve what you cannot on your own. The power of prayer, afterall, is really The Power of Allah working through the prayer. May Allah reward those who have pleaed YA RAB! and may Allah keep you in this peaceful place.

  2. Its nice that you feel that sense of calm... its a part of just giving yourself over to that submission... and you do seem to have an army of dua makers around!

    Inshallah he is also feeling ok where ever he is....

  3. i do. i do feel calm. i spent the night, well most of it, in prayer. not just about this situation. please dont get me wrong. but ive awakened with an unbelievable sense of calmness not just about this situation but everything around me. inshallah my prayers were accepted. only patience and time will tell.

    jamilah, i want to thank you for asking about him. he is neglected so much because i am the writer and he is unseen. he is here though. he reads my blog and comments all of the time. he was upset but has reached calmness also. he actually feels pretty good at this point. i wont have to tell him you asked about him because he will see it himself.

    and there is an army...praying for me and him seperately and together. alh to know that people can be so kind and generous.

    i want to add that i pray for my husband daily also. i forgive him for what he has done...but you know that women never forget.

  4. You are a good sister to be praying for you soon to be ex...

    As for Elji, I'm sure its just as hard for him. Inshallah some of the cultural barriers are broken, and he can marry who he loves and not who is chosen for him.

  5. i dont know. that is a way off in the future kind of thing to think of.

    but, im totally relaxed about it now. i had stressed myself out to the max. right now im just trying to get in tune with myself...if he does he does. what can i do. that means there was nothing at all real between us.

    im thinking of taking a small mini vacation to clear the noggin.

  6. I am soo glad you are feeling a sense of calm. I hope it stays that way too, ameen.

  7. Oh yeah and I forgot to say "Subhanallah", that sense of calmness is from Allah swt.