Sunday, September 28, 2008

for your entertainment!

i was told by someone dear to me that certain people visit my blog so that they can discuss it behind my back. do i dare go so far as to say gossiping? how interesting. well it IS for public viewing so read it all you like even if you can barely stand the contents.

remember your manners and that even though no one is discussing YOUR business, you continue to worry about whats going on in my life.



  1. I referred someone to your blog because it seemed a little bit troubling, and as a godless heathen I felt that you should have a more religious person from your community available to offer spiritual advice.

    So while I suppose I'm technically guilty of gossip I'm also understanding of the need for privacy and for the desire to preserve your dignity.

    You should know that nothing on your blog is particularly shocking or immoral by the standards on the internet. By my standards it's not very gossip worthy. You haven't done anything wrong, you just hit a minor speedbump.

    I've been around the blogosphere for a while. This ain't the Paris Hilton/Britney Spears class nonsense I see so frequently. If people are gossiping about this, it suggests they've lived a very sheltered life.

  2. my dearest gregoire, i was hardly talking about you lol....never could i accuse you of gossiping.

    thanks for thinking of me enough to comment on this though. but its not you. honestly its not.

  3. Unfortunately, it doesn't surprise me. Sorry my dear. As usual, keep being the strong person that you are and these hurdles will eventually get lower, God willing...Kris

  4. Just think of how boring there lives are if they have to gossip about others:)

  5. especially about me!!! God, i live the most boring life in the world!!!

  6. im sure they live an even more boring, substanceless, Godless life, to even do that. surprising isnt it, since those are the exact people who cry 'dont judge me..' yet they judge others even more. funny, funny, twisted, backward people.

  7. Sis, did you know there is a hadith from Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, where he says that the person who is gossiping about another person - that person on the Day of Judgement will have to give their good deed to the person they gossiped about each time they gossip about them, and ALSO, they will receive a BAD deed from the person they gossiped about. So, it's like a big switcharoo on the Day of Judgement. So, when people gossip about me, I just say "go ahead, gossip MORE about me - because on the Day of Judgement, I'll take your good deeds and you'll get my bad ones!". SubhanAllah the justice of Allah SWT. So, let's all remember not to gossip insha'Allah!

  8. yes actually i do know about it. and thanks for reminding me. it just seems that some people dont let things go. ever. it gets very old.

  9. Asalamalaykom,

    "If you don't want a report card, don't show others your work."

    It sounds harsh, but it was told to me and helped me to shut up more. We Americans tell too much. In Islam, we are NOT supposed to share all the details of our personal lives. I used to on my blog and don't now. I'm more selective and you might want to be too. If you don't censor yourself, it's up to you, but you can hardly reprimand readers, who know you in real life, from talking about what they are reading.

    It's not a great situation, but I understand the dynamics. It's not just one side being in the wrong. It would be good if you saw your part in it, inshahallah.

  10. actually the being "talked about" has nothing to do with the blog. im not talking about readers here. they do read here but i know them elsewhere.

  11. yosra, that doesnt make sense.

    its not like jana is TELLING it to the people who speak crap about her behind her back.

    they DONT need to read this blog. simple as that!!

    whats so hard about that? is it really that hard?

    the fact that they cant keep their eyes away, shows that they do in fact envy something about jana that they dont have

    masha'allah jana is loved and has a lot of support, and she deserves it cuz she is kind hearted and a very islamic person. most people arent.

    they are cold hearted, fake, evil spirited, nasty, twisted people out there. they thrive on speaking badly about others behind backs. sadly, thats their pathetic lifestyle. they think its part of 'Quran and Sunnah' to do that too. lol