Monday, September 29, 2008

Eid mubarak!!

tomorrow marks the beginning of eid al fitr for those of us in western countries!! its a 3 days celebration after ramadan to rejoice in our successes and struggles of ramadan!! most muslims spend that time with family and friends. but not all of us have muslim family and friends immediately around us. so at times, it can be a bit solemn for some of us. i am one of those. i dont have muslim family...not on my side anyway. but i have a rather large online muslim family ALHAMDULLILAH!!! i am so grateful for everyone of them...without them, it would have been so hard.

but there is one person that made ramadan the absolute best for me. this person stayed with me daily and encouraged me in my fasting. this person was online when i got up for sehri (or suhoor {meal before fasting}), when i had iftaar, when i was struggling crushing meds at work and having a thick coating in my throat, when i was very thirsty throughout the day and also there to make sure that i not only prayed, but prayed effectively. even though there wasnt another adult muslim in my home throughout ramadan, this person WAS in effect there. each day. this person made sure i had healthy meals, had plenty of fluids and took care of my health.

i really want to thank you if i didnt already.....what you did was totally awesome and was over and beyond what i could have imagined. jazakallah khair. youll receive so many rewards!!!

at the same time i dont want to subtract from what the rest of my online family did!!! we were all in it together. we supported each other. and we were company for each other.

inshallah each and every one of you will have a wonderful eid al fitr. you deserve it!!!