Monday, September 15, 2008

Aren't most people afraid of the dark?

and not the light? in my case it is the light that causes me to be afraid. the very same light that i wrote about in my previous post that lifted me to great heights has also instilled a sense of fear...a fear of the unknown.

inside that beautiful, warm light i have found treachery.

you would think that i would find nothing but comfort and warmth. yes i do but after i found myself enveloped in that sense of peace....i discovered that i had company there. a startling sense of uncertainty that has thrown me for a loop and left me grabbing for more light. i cant seem to achieve this though.

do any of you think ive lost it completely and headed down the highway of insanity? sometimes i feel that i have but no...i really havent.

and im sorry to write in metaphors and indirect references but i have to at this point.

just know that i am spiraling up, down, east , west,north and south. sometimes im level, but then the planes begin to spin again.

i dont know where i'll land. i dont know if it will be good or bad. i dont know if i'll be happy or sad. but i will land eventually.....just pray that i make it safely.

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