Friday, September 19, 2008

did i fail?

you know i didnt do so well for ramadan. no no its not over yet. a few more days to go. but for the 19 days of ramadan thus far, ive not been on my best behaviour.

someone told me that even though the devils are locked up during ramadan leaving us without the temptation of satan, we (humans) are far worse than any devil. and i see thats true.

no i wasnt evil. not satanic. but doing things that i knew was not quite right.

i have to wonder if any of my prayers or fasting have been accepted at all.


  1. Ramadhan is a time of stress, when we can see our faults most clearly, and use the rest of the year to work on them and become closer to the divine in the process.

    It's like my mother, inspecting my room as a child. It was a game she played. No matter how clean, she would find something amiss. The point was not to be "good enough" but to always strive to be a little closer to the impossible ideal of perfection.

    Will God accept your fast? I suppose that's up to him. Another question is: do you accept your fast, despite your own shortcomings?

    We are our own harshest critics.

  2. ahhhh there you are!!!! welcome. your time is nearly up and i expect you back!!

    anyway, yes we are our own harshest critic. but i think in my case, its not that....i deserved criticism. i had good intentions though lol.

  3. eeehhhh, it's not my kind of place.

    Good intentions...road to hell and all that. LOL!

  4. it took me forever to figure out what your little pic is. at first i thought it was a skeleton with a long monkey like tail lol. i had to actually click on your profile to see what it is.