Tuesday, September 9, 2008

my eyes are open and i see the world.

for so long now, ive focused on what was immediately around me. i dont mean that i didnt know what was going on outside of my circle or in the world, no quite the contrary. ive always paid attention to life around me....paid attention. but thats it. i never held on to anything that didnt pertain to me precisely.

lately, i have expanded my circle. ive opened my eyes to something more. much more.

ive always accepted what life has given me, bad or good. and not always without question. but i thought that was it....my life. down one narrow path that did not veer left or right. crooked but no turns. sometimes i think my path had an awful lot or rocks and thorns thrown into it.

but life handed me a gift recently. a chance to know wonderful things. i blossomed exactly the way a flower does when watered. lifted. enhanced. enlightened. beautified. i am in the middle of a light that shines so bright yet it doesnt blind.....it guides.

fairy tale? sounds like it doesnt it. jana's fables.

but its not.....im light, im not burdened. i still have many of the same problems that i had before i found my gift but they are easier to bear now

am i happy? yes. do i still have mood swings? yes. do i still have problems? yes

but somehow all of these things float with me. everything in my circle has become lighter.

how did i know that life is beautiful? how could i? i never stepped outside of my circle...until now.


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