Tuesday, August 26, 2008

we have no water

well let me take that back. we HAVE water but we cant use it. the main line to the neighborhood burst yesterday evening. some people's homes were flooded so i guess i should just say alhamdullilah for that. BUT in the meantime, the water people came yesterday and said that it should be fixed by last night. BUT later that evening, they came back and said nope, not til the next day. they had done all they could do and could we please not use any water.

welllll. thats a pain in the arse let me say. we all had to "hold it" and all go at the same time to convenience store and use their restroom. i had to fill up a big bucket and lean off of my balcony and wash my hair, praying that no one was looking. i couldnt wash any dishes since yesterday afternoon. never mind brushing your teeth and walking around with a foaming mouth like you have rabies!!!

how many times did i forget that i couldnt use it and reach for the handle. zero. which is a miracle for me since i usually forget everything.

i was just praying that it wasnt going to be another night for my 5 year old waking up and having to puke.

so now? here we are....another morning without water. this is a good lesson for ramadan i suppose.

but!! its not ramdan yet. loool.


  1. Assalaamu alaikum,

    Really teaches you to appreciate every drop when there's no water flowing from the taps doesn't it?! Have experienced lack of water in Algeria - sometimes for days - and power cuts in Saudi which means no water and it is a good reminde.

  2. thanks sis...we are now able to use it after more than 24 hours!!! im going to get into my bath and stay there soaking for at least an hour.