Sunday, August 3, 2008

vomitus makes children confused.

yes it does, doesnt it? and i mean very. was sleeping rather nicely in the wee hours of the morning only to awaken to the sound of my youngest daughter crying. as a parent, waking up to hear a child crying alarms you. i jumped up to see what the problem was. she was holding her belly and saying it hurt. i asked her does she need to go to the bathroom? no. do you feel sick like you have to vomit? just hurts.

i put her in bed beside me and rubbed her stomach for her, thinking she could go back to sleep. no, that hurt. she pushed my hand away. she got up and went to the bathroom and stayed for about 5 minutes. got back in my bed, still grimacing. i was rubbing her forehead when she sat up and said "i cant take it anymore."

ok now thats alarming for any parent to hear. so i got up and started rummaging for the pepto bismol. the liquid was gone but i still had chewables. i gave her one. she held it in her mouth forever.

then it happened.

she got the big eyes. she stood up beside my bed. im asking what is it, what is it?? she stands there for another 30 seconds or so then pukes in my bed and on the floor. i told her to run, go go go to the bathroom. she runs around the foot of the bed then lets it go in the carpet again.

then to the bathroom for the grand finale....she's puking, im cleaning vomit out of the carpet.

something about having to vomit makes them develope amnesia. they dont know where the bathroom is anymore. they think the exact spot where theyre standing is the BEST place to let it all go. and the parent is left cleaning chunks of....whatever.

of course, i dont fuss about it....just clean it up. but i reminded her afterwards to please go to the bathroom the second she feels it coming.

she's curled up sleeping now. she said she feels so much better and thank you mommy, alhamdullilah.

but me? im still awake while the rest of the world still snoozes on a quiet sunday morning.


  1. Oh yikes! I think you handled that much better than I could! I don't know if I'll be a very good mommy when it comes to that kind of stuff. I'll probably be pushing my kid out of the way to get to the bathroom to vomit from seeing them vomit. I really applaud the moms out there.

  2. Oh bless her heart! I hate cleaning up vomit. It's all I can take to clean the stuff up. I sometimes will throw away sheets just so I don't have to clean it up.

    I hope she's all better now!

  3. Poor girl (and poor you too!). Well insha'Allah after 2 weeks she is better now!

    As as my kids complain of a bad stomach I make sure there is a bucket by the bed for them and they have been fairly well trained in the art of bucket puking! LOL I really hate even emptying the bucket let alone trying to scrub vomit out of carpet! Ewwwwwwwww.