Saturday, July 26, 2008

im home

im home? did you even know i was gone? well i went to seattle for several days with my husband. it was really really nice. its not my first visit to seattle but this city is nice really. there are some odd birds hanging around the downtown area though that will make you clutch anything that youre holding closer to you. alot of ppl talking to the sidewalk and the tree.

we rode the city bus a good bit too. the transportation system is decent there but i was beginning to wonder if there was a lack of soap and deodorant in seattle. i loathe body odor. but this was PAST body odor. this odor made you want to fight someone it was so bad at times.

went to the space needle which is fabulous to see.

we hung out in chinatown a good bit eating really delicious chinese food!!!!

of course there is a starbucks on every corner and even in the middle of the block but the best for me? the ORIGINAL starbucks across from the market place. just a wonderful piece of americana!!

and of course pikes public market! there are loads of shops there with anything you can imagine. the fruits are sensational and delicious and theres always someone offering you a sample so you dont ever have to actually buy the fruit. you get full from the samples!!!!

anyone that has been to pikes knows about the fish throwing though!! this goes on day!!! huge fish being tossed to other employees PLUS the customers. i hate fish and the way they smell so i stayed in the background!!

i think i missed this convention though. loool.

we really had a nice time. weather was a little cool and overcast but all in all it was great. we're actually thinking of living there. i have to think more than twice about that winter weather though. im not a snow person!!!


  1. Nice!

    That is one place I've always wanted to go to. It sounds like you had a really good time. I'm so happy.

  2. glad u had fun sis!! BUT I CANT BELIEVE YOU HATE FISH!

    lol @bi womens network

    *winky wink wink**

  3. J:

    Your visit to Seattle sounds enjoyable I have not yet visited Seattle.