Tuesday, August 12, 2008

life of the forum

i have joined a forum or 2 over the past few years. they can be decent places to visit if you find one that is something youre really interested in. i tend to join a forum because im looking for people more like myself but one of the problems is, there are many people who join forums looking for people who are their opposites. religious forums tend to be the worst. there are members that visit just to argue, to let you know whats wrong with your religion or your god. i dont understand them really. i cant see myself joining a forum of jehovah's witnesses or mormons just to offend or insult them or to make them see what the problem is with their faith.

it makes you grow weary. when i was growing up a christian, well there were and are churches on every corner. there were people like you everywhere you go. you visited the church and it was filled to the rafters. but its not like that when youre a muslim in a smaller city in a western country. you may have to actually find a mosque (im lucky. theres one here in my town), then hope that you can get to know a handful of muslims. christians are famous, also, for having big shindigs. big social events where aunt sue brings here famous fried chicken and grandpa billy bob brings his family's ancient recipe for bbq. we had social gatherings frequently. and revivals!! big get togethers to hear the "word" and see our friends!!

its not that way so much with muslims. yes there are gatherings from time to time especially during ramadan but with many muslims being from other countries, we dont always connect. people have a tendancy to gather with their own. which is a little sad for me.

hence the forums. alot of muslims, alot of reverts (who who has converted to islam). we dont always agree on every thought but thats ok. we dont have to....but its the ones that come with their bags of tricks to bring us down that REALLY bring us down. make us weary and wish they would go elsewhere to insult and offend.


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  3. Assalaamu alaikum,

    I love internet forums too but yeah... on some forums people can get a bit 'gung-ho' and not like to hear anything apart from their own opinion and hate it if they cannot convert everyone to their own opinion.

    It can also be difficult to put words and emotion across sometimes so you do get people finding themselves offended by something they manage to read between the lines. *sigh*

    For the most part alhamdu lillah the forums I go on are quite 'lightweight' and the main focus is on some aspect of life with an Islamic viewpoint. :]