Tuesday, July 8, 2008

i cant see the back of my eyelids!

because my eyes are OPEN!!! its after 2am and ive had one hour of sleep. restless sleep at that. so lets dont even count it....ok its after 2am and ive NOT slept. i rolled, tossed, stared at the ceiling, the clock, out of the window, rearranged my pillows , ohhhh 10 to 15 times, kicked the blanket off, pulled it back, picked up my cell phone and played bubble breaker.


i got up and did what? of course!! my little friend was alive and kicking. my computer. i automatically sat in front of it and logged into a couple of my favorite websites. got up, fixed myself some coffee (yes wahaj you were telling the truth) and started to read anything on the computer.

now my eyes feel like someone has superglued a couple of teaspoons of rock salt into them. my head is starting to fall to one side yet im still here. typing something in my blog.

why is sleep forsaking me these days? boy i wish i was one of the lucky people that get in bed, their head hits the pillow and thats it.....all she wrote. i used to be. but not now.

does the fact that my head is pouding unmercifully right now mean i should get up from this desk and return to bed?

ok, after i read just one moreee thing....

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