Sunday, July 6, 2008

you know whats funny?

i say i have no one to talk to but im looking at the number of times that my blog is viewed daily and there are quite a few hits. and who is interested in looking at such a boring blog???? i have to laugh at myself really.

i hope i dont come across as a whiner, inshallah. thats not how im sounding in my own head but who knows what the reader is thinking lol.

but with all of these ppl clicking on this blog, you would think i would admit that i have SOMEONE to talk to!!!

im at such a huge crossroads in my life. no, i dont want to go into it. but i have life changing decisions to make. and with the help of God, hopefully ill make good ones.

anybody want to adopt a 40+ year old lady?


  1. Lol,you're funny!

    Just fyi,i come by from time to time to read your blog and I dont find it THAT boring,lol.Just kidding sis.

  2. I'll adopt you Jana.. only I am poor so I don't think you'd want me to. ;)

  3. lol!!! sis.. i have something to say to u through PM. about the blog thing..

    it wasnt me though, but i know who it is!!