Wednesday, July 9, 2008

something different

ive just returned from another of my mini vacations. ive never done this before in my life. ive always, when i had the opportunity, prepared for some big expensive vacation. but this summer just to give myself something different to do when im not working, ive been taking small 1 or 2 day trips. i went back to atlanta yesterday with my family. well some of them. we went back to the same hotel that we stayed in about 3 weeks ago with the nice pool. but this time we stopped at a store and stocked up on beach balls, floats, water battle paddles, etc. its total housework, no cooking, no phone calls. nothing. i love it. we swam until the massive black cloud floated over us and the thunder rolled in. nothing to put a halt to swimming like lovely stripes of lightening approaching!!

my son had flown across country a week ago and i had to go back to the airport during the night (2am) and gather him!!! we didnt get back to sleep til 5am and then back up to checkout at 11am. so that part wasnt too relaxing.

anyway, back to work tomorrow. i still dont like my job. but it pays for mini vacations and keeps our lights on in the house lol.


  1. I'd love to go away for the weekend.. I just need someone to go with. It's not as much fun when you are alone.. though I suppose it could be relaxing doing nothing with nobody.. but then again.. why pay for a hotel room when you can just stay home and sleep.

    I used to do a lot more things alone than I do now. Heck when I had a man I didn't even think twice to travel and do things on my own. I think the last almost 12 years of being single and doing most everything alone is getting boring now.

    Did you watch the storm from your room? I love thunder and lightning storms.

    It sounds like you all had a great time Jana. Inexpensive mini vaykays are the way to go sometimes. Save up for an awesome big expensive one every few years or so.. then you can come visit me. ;)


  2. karen i would love to come to see you one day inshallah!!!!!!!!

  3. Come on up Jana.. we'll do a road trip together.. we could go check out Jasper and Banff National parks (only about 4 hours from me) or do the Alaska Highway and I'll be your personal guide and show you the Yukon. :)

  4. PS: Make it during the summer months as then you won't freeze to death.. and you'll be able to see the midnight sun!

    Let me know when to pencil you in.. this summer's already booked up but I still have openings for next summer.. LOL