Sunday, May 25, 2008

bored? read this.

oh yes, this is because i know all of you are out there so bored so i thought i MUST write something for the masses!! wink wink.

updates on things.........

my mom. well she went back to our hometown for about 3 weeks and stayed with a friend there and was totally happy of course. and i was trying to think how on earth i would get her back home. but one day she just called and said when will you be here to get me. seems the friend was getting a little irritable and my mother thought she was overstaying her i did go back to get her last week.

she's actually doing quite well. she tries to force herself to remember more things and to take her meds. she has started filling up her pill reminder box herself. i think she is trying to regain her independence and show the world that her mind is not really bonkers. which she is not bonkers and i truly am happy for her that she can remember a bit more.

she cleans in the house daily. at first i thought no this is too much for her but then i realized that she wanted to do it. she's bored plus she feels that shes contributing something to the household. so i dont say anything to her anymore except for the occasional "mother, dont tire yourself".

me? im thinking of taking up some type of dance lessons. for exercise and socialization. i really have no outside interests anymore so i want something to do. but where do you find dance classes for women only.........not to mention for old fat women? yellow pages dont fail me now.

i also want to take kylee to the neighborhood pool which is difficult too since i cant have anything remotely resembling a sweimsuit. i love to swim. ahhhh why cant things be a little easier to handle.

ok thats enough excitement for today.....fluff blogging at its best.

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  1. So that's really great about your mom! I would LOVE to take dance lessons, that totally sounds fun. I don't have clue where. I have always wanted to try like Swing dancing or salsa or both. I'm sure it won't be that hard to find a class and who cares what you wear to the pool take your daughter she'll love you anyway! Love Ya!