Tuesday, May 27, 2008

birthdays and hateful sisters

alls quiet on the front.

or so i thought.

i arrived home from work yesterday to my mothers announcement "im moving back to the nursing home?

what? could you say that again? hold on let me pick my jaw up off of the floor.

after some prompting....seems my dear sister had been talking to my mother. my mother listens to her old music at times and gets really sad......it reminds her of old days. it reminds her of the days that her mother, sisters and husband were still alive.

so she calls ppl to feel better, my wicked sister included. this dear sister decided to pounce on my mothers sadness. she painted the nursing home as a thing of beauty. told her she could come back to her hometown and stay there.

i waited til my mother went to sleep and called dear sister. oh yes...she was ready for me. yes, she said, she was telling my mother that she had that option but she wanted my mother to come willingly.

but this time i had had enough....i told her that while most normal decent children are fighting to keep their parents OUT of the nursing home she is fighting to put her IN a nursing home.

i told her to stop being selfish. that even if my mother lived me or any one of our other brothers and sisters, we should all be happy that she was with a loved one that genuinely cared for her and was not being paid for an 8 hour shift.

i told her to stop calling our mother and getting her stirred up. but oh my was she angry....she let me have it.....its her mother too, judges, lawyers, i think im a doctor and noone else can take care of mother, etc etc etc

i hung up on her.

today, though, is my mothers birthday. 84 years old alhamdulillah. we had an absolutely wonderful day with her. we had her out for a while. but when we returned, there was a lovely message on the machine.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOTHER (with alot of force and attitude)! and while youre at it, make sure you make jana tell you what all she said to ME last night."

that was it.....the birthday greeting.

nice right?

but i wont let her bother mother........i just hope she stops talking about the nursing home to her.


  1. oh my god, what a nasty thing to say on her birthday!!!! I hope your mum stays with you, I can't understand why your sister do that , since is much better to be with loved ones as you say!!!

  2. yeah, i told her that if she truly wanted to leave my mother a birthday wish she should have called a second time so that she could leave the nasty part for me.
    she called my mother today to ask her if i told her bad things about my sister. my mother told her absolutely not!!