Friday, May 16, 2008

whining like a baby gets you everywhere!

so remember a few days ago when i was sobbing and crying like a baby because noone would contribute to my website?? well i felt like a ninny for being silly, but what the heck? it worked!! i think ill start trying that approach when i need anything!!
nahh, seriously. i did have people write me and say they wanted to contribute and they did alhamdulillah. im really proud of the pieces that i was able to add to the website. they are excellent!
how bored i was just to have my own articles stuck in there. so to have new pieces by other ppl is very exciting and encouraging.
so if you have any extra time, go by the site and read their articles. there are 3 and are easy to find because they have the authors names along with the title. anything else was written by me.
and if you DONT go by and read??!!?? i will start to cry and whine again. LOUDER this time lol.

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