Monday, March 17, 2008

she fell today

yes she did. she wants to be independent and i let her to a degree. if i see something too heavy i run ahead of her and fix things for her so that she wont see me then i let her think shes handled it all by herself.

today i took her with me to pick up my youngest daughter from school. we rode around a bit so that she could see some familiar places here in athens. when we got home she wanted to get up the steps in a hurry before i tried to help her i think. she only put her foot halfway on the bottom step and fell back on her butt, not hard. but then she fell back and hit the back of her head on the wall. i nearly fainted with fright. i was terrified that she had cut her head and i was already planning for a trip to the emergency room. but she didnt. my husband came down and scooped her up even though she was protesting. she had a goose egg on the back of her head. thats been more than an hour ago and shes ok alhamdulillah. ill just have to make sure im directly behind her on the stairs. shes so stubborn though.

i have let her fix her things the way she wants. i assist her with her meals. give her her meds. shes good though. my husband and i actually went to lunch today and left her with my 17 year old (although he was sleeping). we were gone for about an hour and i left my cell phone number with her.

its like having a new baby lol, just dont have to change any diapers yet!!! lool


  1. Oh I'm so glad she wasn't hurt severely Jana.

  2. she wasnt hurt severly...that's a true blessing......may Allah(swt) bless her