Monday, March 3, 2008

pms and me....hand n hand!

oh yep. pms. dont you just love it?? let me tell you how rotten i am. if you read my last post about how wonderful my husband was on our anniversary, then you will really agree i suck! we had been home a mere 24 hours when it no no not pennywise. it is PMS. i felt like i hated my husband, i didnt want him to look at me, dont even think of getting that twinkle in your eye, i was nauseated yet craved salt, then sweets, then anything i could swallow lol, mood swings, dont even mention the irritability, had a headache constantly and just tired as hell. my poor husband just kept saying "plz tell me if i did something?" one night in the kitchen, i put the dishes that i was washing down and said, " you know this is not your fault that im this way dont you?" he just looked down. then what? i started to cry and asked him if he thinks im mentally ill.

HE DIED LAUGHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! does he not know the rules? do not laugh at a crying pms'ing woman. thank god i wasnt murderous because i would have taken him out right then and there!!!

i just didnt even bother with him after that for about 2 days. the last day i seriously contemplated driving off into the sunset and not telling anyone where i was. off to look for a remote island where noone would even look in my direction.

but..i woke up the next morning and it had passed. i greeted my husband and family cheerfully. they all eyed me suspiciously. and i was like "what?"

why are we women afflicted with such horrible things. my husband swears i only have one good week per month. he said im mean 2 weeks prior to my period, then the week of the period and that only leaves the week after that im actually nice and amorous loool.
so? whats wrong with one week???


  1. lol!! I get that way too sometimes then everything he does or says or doesn't do or doesn't say is wrong..haha... God bless the hubbies for putting up with us.. hehe

  2. LOL! you had me cracking up-im the same way :)

  3. Lol! You are hilarious! ha ha

  4. Ah, the joys of being women. NOT.