Wednesday, February 27, 2008

a general answer

i had a couple of ppl inquire about the anniversary. so i decided to write a general answer!!

we had the most wonderful time we have ever had together. we usually have a good time when we go off together but this time was exceptional!!

and not just cause i came home with plenty of goodies but because my husband was so wondeful and loving!!

the goodies...well he didnt buy anything because he thinks, ok knows, i am picky. so when we got to atlanta and checked into our room we headed straight to the oh so swanky lenox square mall in buckhead. for those of you who dont know atlanta, well, i cant afford to shop at this mall on just any casual day!!

he took me to the jewelry store and swarovskis. i couldnt decide between the diamond hoops and swarovski crystal earrings so we went off down the mall where i picked out glamorous gucci sunglasses!! oh yes im so fabulous now. then went back to get the diamond hoops!!

this is how stupid i am. i generally wear slide in backs. just what i prefer. well this is what i did that day too. but what did i do? put lotion, ALOT of lotion on my feet, prior to leaving for atlanta and put my loafers on with no socks. so my feet were slipping and sliding literally to the point i was having to hold on to the shoes with my toes. my calf muscles started to ache from this. so hence the stop at the shoe store looooooooool. i was simple at this white leather keds!! i love them though.

mall closed early on sunday of course. we did have reservations at ruths chris steakhouse which we cancelled cause we were dressed very casually and we didnt have time to go back to our room and change. so we headed off to a favorite....the cheesecake factory. YUMMMMYYYYY!! we had a blast there. the place was packed!! valet parking though. there we were with our honda civic and everyone else (we were still in the buckhead area) was in mercedes, bmw's, hummers, etc. loooooooooooooooool. we didnt care.

went back to room..............fade to black. looool

next morning, got up went to another mall in atlanta where he let me pick out clothes!! they are awesome!! i felt so greedy. oh yeah and 2 new purses.

then to the macaroni grill. man their food is the best!! im still stuffed from the 2 meals.

oh and of course, a new starbucks cup!! my collection goes on.

stopped and bought new clothes and purses for the daughters at home!!!!

ohhhhhhh how sad i was to come back spree over!

oh i forgot!! the very first thing he bought me was an ipod at the huge apple store in lenox square.

ok, looking back over this post.........i AM greedy. but it was super fun!!!!


  1. OOHH! An iPod! You are going to love it! I am so addicted to mine. I've been to that area a few times. A few years ago, hubby and I vacationed in Atlanta and stayed on that part of town. We went to the Lennox mall and it really is nice. But it took us about an hour before we realized we were truly the only two people in the entire mall who were wearing jeans! LOL!

  2. By the way! I'm glad you had a great time! Happy "late" anniversary!

  3. thanks alicia!! my husband has one and ive always made fun of him for having it stuck in his ear. guess its my turn now lol. lol about the jeans!!!! know what you mean, but we had them on too!

  4. salaamz hon, glad you had a wonderful time. Oh how I'd love a shopping spree! I the only one without an iPod? LOL

  5. oh yeah, not only did i get the ipod, he downloaded all the music for me, set up my little itune shop and everything lol. i didnt have to lift a finger, alhamdulillah.

  6. Spoiled.. that's what you are.. LOL


    Soak it up Jana, you deserve someone that treats you good. I'm glad you had a great time together, just the two of you. That in itself must have been wonderful.

  7. Awww... how wonderful!Sounds absolutely dreamy.. now lemme go and show this to my husband! haha

  8. marigold it was the best fun ive had in a long time!!! at first i was like no no no dont spend all of that money, no no no it costs too much. he finally grabbed me by my shoulders and said, "ok from this point forward, even if its just for today, do not say no to anything that you want or like. and DO NOT LOOK AT THE PRICETAG!" it was really hard for me cause im so cheap when it comes to myself. but then i got the hang of it lol!! and i didnt want to stop!!!

  9. lol!!!!! sounds like a lot of fun, jaz :) but looks like he'd been preparing for the day and that's just great.. i'm sure you have a stronger marriage for working out the wrinkles and as is obvious, still being in love :) yay for you and your hubster! :)
    oh btw.. i love cheesecake factory and macaroni grill too.. and there's this one thing i love at CF but I wonder if you eat chicken there.. cuz its a chicken dish. but anyway, love it!