Monday, February 11, 2008

my husband and i

we are probably the worlds most boring couple. we rarely go out except to have a meal. once in a blue moon a movie. we stay cooped up in our bedroom watching cnn, fox news, discovery, history channel, national geographic. we cook together or one of us cooks for the other. we make a big pot of coffee and bring the other his or her morning, noon, afternoon, night cup. i dont drink hot tea too much so i brew a cup for him. we discuss each other, our jobs, our marriage, the family, ALOT of politics and news. sometimes we turn the tv off....he reads his books that are beside his side of the bed and i read a book from my side. generally its an islamic book, but our tastes differ radically. we go on my desktop, he on his laptop. sometimes sitting side by side. sometimes we both watch things on the same screen.....things that we both enjoy. barack obama speeches for one!! we love him. we pray together, he is my imam. i stand behind him.

oh yeah we argue too, not as much as we did when we first started living together (after our marriage i mean). we have both learned to let things ride alhamduliilah.

so see, we dont have a fabulous life. well yes we do. we have a very decent life. we suffered alot in the beginning, we've been through some tortuous events but it has made us a better couple.



  1. salaam

    having someone to spend those moments with -- even if its just having a cup of coffee -- makes it so much more meaningful..... you are not boring at all!

  2. I think you sound 'comfortable' together.. in a good way. I'm sure you are not boring Jana.. not at all.

  3. I agree, this is not borring. I like what dreamweaver are comfortable together...

    What more would you want?

  4. I don't think it's boring either. It sounds like you enjoy spending time together, it doesn't matter what you do whether it's jumping out of airplane or enjoy a nice cup of coffee together. It sounds like you have a true loving marriage because you enjoy just being around one another and spending time together.