Saturday, February 23, 2008

my anniversary is tomorrow.

did i ever say that i love my husband? well if i didnt, im doing it now. i do love him dearly. tomorrow we will go for a nice dinner in atlanta and stay the night there at the hyatt!!! we were going to a nice little honeymoon suite in the mountains but we decided to head to the city instead.

im so excited. like going on a date with him for the first time. he has been sneaking around for the past week with a grin on his face. i have no earthly idea what he has bought but he's pretty darned good at picking out jewelry!

oh i cant begin to tell you some of the horrible times that we had in the past. dont even want to relive those moments. but alhamdulillah we got past them and have a good marriage. he is a good husband and father.

lol i guess im all giggly and silly inside. slap me plz.


  1. Hmmm.. the hyatt now.. and possibly jewelry.. ye be spoiled me thinks.
    Have a wonderful anniversary. Best wishes to you both and may you have many happy years ahead.

  2. wellllllllllll i would invite you, but, well you know!

  3. Salaams Sister:

    I am reading this on Feb. 26th. Do tell! Did you get nice jewelry? I know you had a nice time :)

    It is so wonderful, Alhamdulillah, to hear about happy Muslim couples. Marriage is a jihad and there will be good times and bad even in a healthy marriage. But being patient and getting through it, learning and growing along the way, is what makes a mature and intimate marriage.

    I, too, love my husband and am happy, Alhamdulillah!