Tuesday, February 12, 2008

maybe boring is preferable

so i really wasnt complaining about my marriage. on the contrary. but even if i longed for excitement, which i dont, i read some of my sisters blogs and come away with a sadness that is disquieting. i usually read the blogs and then sit motionless for a few minutes trying to reabsorb and assess what ive just read. i wish i knew what to do to help these sisters. i have always known that men are heartless, many of them anyway. but the husbands of these sisters.....how do they get to the point that they are at in life now? how do you step on your wife and dust your feet on her. how do you lose yourself in the moment, in the heat? what makes a man become so inconsiderate and irresponsible?

God help all of you because, Allahu alim, it could be me one day.

i wish all of you ladies knew that i read your blogs and ache for you...obligations, meandering muslim, blossoms of thought, my life as a muslim and a few more.

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  1. A while back, in the Cozy Corner, you had mentioned Safa's blog and I went to read it. I ended up going right back to her first post and reading it in its entirety. I, like you, was and am heartbroken for her. I felt physically sick after reading what she has endured. I tried to start reading other blogs on this issue but found myself getting angry and starting to lump all men into one basket.. so I had to stop reading them. I had a real 'hate on' happening for a week or so. Good thing I don't live with a man or a man didn't piss me off or I'd have gone up one side of him and down the other. I'm calmer now alhamdolillah.

    I tried to keep up with Safa's blog but she has it restricted now so I can't read updates.

    I know that some of these sisters are trying to be strong and remain in the relationships because they think it is Allah's will that they do so.. and others are knowing and accepting that they cannot accept or continue to live in those circumstances any more and will try to get out. I know that I couldn't handle it if I was in their shoes. So I will pray for them and I wish them all the best in whatever they choose to do. May Allah ease their pain and guide them.

    And inshaAllah these men will eventually grab a brain and learn how to use it and stop hurting their wife and the mother of their children.