Sunday, November 25, 2007

the air out there

its cold outside. and overcast. supposed to rain. its quiet in the house. it reminds me of when i was a child. especially of a day when it was exactly like this, i was the only one watching tv in a darkened room. watching two thing, cartoon versions of a christmas carol and the headless horseman. i was young..less than 10 so both of them gave me the creeps. especially the ghost of christmas future in a christmas carol.

sometimes, i find myself looking for either of these versions on tv or cd but i have never been able to find them.

this is my favorite time of year, i suppose. it always takes me back to a safer place and time. ill never grow up

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  1. Salaam

    I have a lot of similar memories from when I was little and its hard to forget those moments where you feel so carefree. I still watch movies and things from my childhood because of the way they made me feel so happy. I bought the movie 'The Dark Crystal' which I loved as a child and had'nt seen for so many years.