Friday, March 12, 2010

to my fans from west midlands uk

ahhh, seems i have curious visitors from the lovely cities of walsall and bradford. theyve visited my blog here, my solo muslimah blog and even tried to visit my facebook page.

seems i have people wanting to know more about me!!

exciting isnt it, to have new readers.

the thing is, dear readers, they are not new!

on the contrary, they visited my blog last year too right before i was barraged with threats and hatred.

did i mention i have feedjit? a nice little traffic reporter so that i can see who visits,what date and how much time they spent here? even how they googled my site! and where they visited next?

the amazing thing is, ive nothing to hide. im quite a boring person to be honest. no drinking, no sex, no drugs, no partying. just a homebody who enjoys coffee! but you know, those very same readers could actually call me and ask me questions if they liked since i happen to be a human being just like them. least i was last time i checked.

but you see readers, the information gathered here will be used against me. it will be twisted and misconstrued as it was in the past. i will be accused of things that might shock many of the people who ACTUALLY know me.

read on.

just remember these things.

curiosity killed the cat


Allah Almighty says,(O ye who believe! If an evil person brings you tidings, verify it, lest ye smite some folk in ignorance and afterward repent of what ye did)(Al-Hujurat 49: 6).

the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon on him) said,
'The most evil among Allah's servants are those who go about spreading gossip dividing those who love each other and desiring to defame those who are innocent.'(Reported by Ahmad)


  1. salam jana a, thanks for the lovely words on my blog. SubhanAllah what is it with some people?.. when i saw the title of your post.. i thought nice.. got some nice readers there.. but ouch! what are some people like.. take care minty

  2. thanks minty. and i will take care. i wont go into who the people are but they sought to strip me of my integrity in the past. they were most unkind to me but i can only protect myself and not place judgement because Allah is the One who will do that.

    i feel certain that my friend from the blog "complicated" will understand well.

  3. ahhh minty, youre from the area arent you? was looking at feedjit. inshallah, you never thought i was talking about you at all!

  4. Some people can really get their knickers in a bunch (teehee cuzz they are from Britain and all). Anyone who knows you or reads your blog will realize inshallah if a lie is spread around.

  5. thank you my dear sister!! and lol at you and your new britishness.

  6. salams.. jana z... Nooo.. lol didnt think it was me :-).. but yeah i am from the west midlands.. here sis.. minds are narrow as the streets...

    i hope mis-understandings are cleared up for you..


  7. salam jana,
    I hope you are okay hun, sorry not been commenting but i have been in a world of my own, but had to respond to this.maybe INSHALLAH those sick people might find something worthwhile to do with their lives.

  8. You have fans in Glasgow too! And I' not sure if you will even allow this comment to stay up but why don't you be more honest you cougar you ;)

    You have seduced a young mentally unstable boy, sent him your underwear by post, and are taking him away from his family. Just so you can have a full time carer.

    And despite this "zina" you still claim the moral high horse.

    Anyway love you, take care. I hear you are coming you to the UK?


  9. i will remind you anonymous that i post everything in my blog no matter what the content unless the person becomes disrespectful toward me or any other person. then i cut it short.

    so im stepping off my moral high horse to let you know that if you wish to say something to me of an utmost personal nature, you have all proved very skillful with your spying and hacking and im sure you can let me know another way.

    communication is always good :)

  10. by the way..i posted this so that my friends and family who read here can see what ive been up against and understand what ive been up against.

    there is saying in the states that a hit dog will yelp, which means if you accuse someone of an act, not necessarily even knowing who it is, the guilty party will yelp.

    ....and the dog has yelped.

  11. What the H-E-double hockey sticks?! Anonymous are u high or something LOL anyways Jana be strong girl and remember ALLAH SEES ALL so inshaa'Allah whoever is bothering u will get guidance (or professional help) and everything will be like gravy :-)

  12. thanks Aalia. they may remain anonymous here but to Allah they are very much known. the things that they did to me last year are not erased.

    life is temporary and no matter which course my own life takes, its but a minute in time.

    the most important aspect to me, is what happens after life.

    ill keep my focus. i have my own loving family that totally keeps me grounded, alhamdulillah!!

    its amazing to me how muslims point fingers at other and shout "sin" and dont even take the time to look in their own mirror.

    jazakallahkhair to my friends, family and all loved ones who support me through thick and thin and know who i am.

    i never once said an unkind word to these people, on the contrary i tried to be respectful and was treated very much as they would treat their toilet paper.

    but as i said, events on this earth matter not. and what others think of me matters not. my eyes are on Someone much higher.

    end of story.

  13. anonymous, that is my mom you happen to be talking to like that. i dont think you would like it if someone else spoke about your mother like that.

    out of respect to my mother, i won't say what i really want to say to you.

    we love our mother. keep your nasty comments to yourself or it might come back to bite you in the ass.

  14. shhhh. dont write anymore. we are fine son! you know i can take care of myself.


  15. Oh my, you do have some strange stalkers... why would they call a member of their own family mentally unstable? eek.

    May Allah protect you Jana

  16. and if there were any mental instability, they did it to him jen. buzzards.

  17. Jana, I'm a bit worried about this. Isn't there anything that u could do to get the 'S' from buggering u? I'm sure there is such thing as law to protect us from being bullied cyberly or sumthing like that. I rarely gets angry, but just reading what the 'S' wrote, it made me angry. Is this 'S' and the whole 'S' family mentally unstable???? LOL. I used the alphabet S a bit too much. Ngee~. Luv u Jana.

  18. And this 'S' actually called u 'ZINA'. What a freak!