Friday, August 28, 2009

welcome swine flu!! oops i mean H1N1

so i went to nursing office to pick up my check. how nice! they were waiting outside to greet me with check in hand.

i walked up the stairs and they stood waiting.
we have to tell you that youve been exposed to the swine flu at work.

what? who? where?

we cant answer that, just know that someone at work (could be a patient or employee) was diagnosed with H1N1 and i was there at the same time.

they handed the check to my daughter (yep not even to me) and i left puzzled. well not puzzled but thinking hard as answers.

if i have symptoms, i must report to health department.

i just pray it never gets that far as the CDC (centers for disease control in atlanta) predicts a huge surge in infected people and deaths this year.

well i look at it this way, i get exposed to everything anyway by being a nurse but we are also exposed to everything anyway standing in line at walmart! you just dont know.

but it does make me a bit nervous. cant lie.


  1. Salams and ramadam kareem--i don't know if i ever told you but i'm a nurse too. I don't know why, but i don't get too concerned about exposure unless i'm pregnant. we'll be on the fron lines if this thing hits like they're predicting. i guess they're coming out with a vaccine soon inshallah.

  2. Hi Jana!
    Such a long time!
    So how you doin?
    Don't worry, but yeah be careful

  3. Salam Jana,
    I love coming to this blog, its like a secret hideout, like those kids books you read where they have this secret password to get in to their den.....hey Tuttie, stephanie, Albaster,anchor girl,minty, yasmin!Its cool you guys are here too!
    So babes ive just come to say goodbye and inshallah I will keep in touch via email when I get time inbetween DIL duties and yes you are right just thinking about going back is making me sick. let me know when ur visiting uk. Love you Jana, Ur words left me upset ( good way) and a big huggggg!

  4. i got a similar scare a while back from my student. I teach. They say 90,000 will die next year from the oink, sorry, swine flu but like don't people die yearly at that rate anyway, swine or not, and have been for ages?

    I mean, how many people die yearly? From slipping on the stairs or something... aiyyaa big hugs sis, take it one breath at a time.

    Biiiiiig hugs,

  5. I so agree quest, it has been blown out of all proportion.

  6. Inshallah your health will not be affected by the swine flu! Or anyone around you. So does that mean they are not letting you go to work or something? are you being QUARANTINED?! omg!