Tuesday, March 24, 2009

i have FOUND my paradise!!!

wow, i was looking for some pictures online when i came across a picture of some chunky muslimahs much like myself!!!
when i read the article that accompanied it, i was totally amazed!! i had no idea there was an ENTIRE country where the women just have to be fat AND its an islamic country!!

talk about fitting in!! i would be completely adored.
here's the article itself....
Force Feeding Makes Women Beautiful in Islamic Country of Mauitania
Men Find Obese Women More Appealing in African CountryIn Mauritania, a small country in N.W. Africa, young girls and women are sometimes force-fed in order to make them fat. Obesity is considered by many people in this mainly Islamic country to be beautiful. Girls as young as four years of age are sometimes force fed huge quanitities of high calorie liquids and foods in order to increase their weight and girth. Women who insist on loosing weight are sometimes threatened to be divorced and are sometimes refereed to as ugly.
The country of Mauritania lies with Senegal to the southwest and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. It is dry and barren and surrounded by sand dunes. In a place where many people have struggled to live, obesity has been looked upon for centuries as a sign of prosperity and health. The tradition is not dying an easy death. Centuries of looking upon a woman with rolls of fat as being gorgeous, has made life quite miserable for anyone who is naturally thin. In the town of Nouakchott, a woman struggles up several flights of stairs, sweat dripping from her forehead. She pauses and tries to catch her breath but the ordeal of hefting two hundred and fifty pounds covered in layers of clothing and veils up three flights of steps have taken their toll. Her joints are aching and her heart pounds. The woman in her early 50s is not obese from choice, it is a cultural tradition.
hmmm i would fit in, yes, but i really found it sad that the little girls are force fed this food to make them fat but i do also understand it's their culture and been going on for generations. and i definately dont want to be that woman dripping sweat and heart pounding. something tells me that over stuffing these children isnt quite islamic either.

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