Sunday, February 22, 2009

good morning!

what is it about sunday mornings? sunday mornings when no one in the house has to get up for any reason and youre the only one awake in the house. isnt it nice? peace. calm. tranquility.

ive piddled about. catching up on other's blog posts. cleaning here and there. washing a couple of loads of clothes. washing a handful of dishes. all at my leisure mind you. ive thrown the kitty her toy a few times and fed her. read the news online while listening to the news on the t.v. speaking of that, ive always told my children that they cant have possession of the computer and the t.v. at the same time..not fair to others. has to be one or the other. but thats what im doing this morning cause i can get away with it. everyone is sleeping!!

just me and the cat. oh, and my coffee. my coffee in my favorite white cup with the green handle of course!

no phone ringing. no one knocking at the door. no one asking me to take them completely wonderful.

speaking of said cat and coffee, the cat has developed a new habit. when she hears me go to the kitchen she runs to the counter where the coffeemaker sits. she watches me make coffee. she wants to smell the coffee in the canister then when the coffee is ready, she waits for me to pour it into my cup. then when i add the creamer, she watches as i stir it but she wants to smell it. she wants to smell the spoon with which i stirred the coffee and the fresh cup of coffee. she squints her eyes from the steam but she sits and inhales the aroma!!! poor kitty...poor coffee aroma addicted kitty.

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