Tuesday, February 24, 2009

a former anniversary......

wow! a year. when they say what a difference a year makes, its so true. if you read my blog one year ago, you'll see that i was on top of the world.... happy life. all was right with the world. so i thought. i was living normally. family intact. mother coming to live with me. financially secure. happy marriage.

today would have been my wedding anniversary. the day that represented how we struggled to get married in cairo. and trust me, to marry in cairo is a struggle and an event like no other.

today is a bit hard for me because i took my marriage seriously. i was happy. i was faithful and loyal. i never thought this day would pass and i would be divorced and alone. i thought i would always enjoy this day as i had in the past. what was it all for? just shattered dreams.

ill actually be glad when this day passes because its a bit painful for me. i miss the way my life was.



today my life is completely different than it was one year ago. im slowly rebuiding it and finding some happiness.

its amazing how what was makes you afraid of what will be.

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  1. Do something really nice for yourself because you have had one hell of a year and you survived!!!!!!!!!!:) Just think it only gets better:)