Saturday, January 3, 2009

im single.

i finally did it. i signed the papers. the divorce papers. it took a bit of time from when i got them to build up the courage to sign them. but once i did?




the months of suffering melted away from me. it was raining outside but the shine shone down on me and i blossomed like a spring flower!

corny? yeah well, maybe, but its true.

Allah has indeed heard the statement of the woman who pleads with you concerning her husband and carries her complaint to Allah: and Allah hears the arguments between both sides among you: for Allah hears and sees all things surah 58:1


  1. That exactly what I remember feeling! Once it's set in stone and you're not in the weird transitional period, it starts to get easier. Happy New Year Jana, I have a feeling you'll have a great 2009!

  2. Alhamdulilah,

    That's what I was talking about!

  3. yahoo! Lady!
    start a new life!

    wanna know - even I am single now! my GF broke with me called all the known incentives - well that doesn't hurt much coz this is my 3rd!

    so, we both are
    LOL jus kidding

    enjoy the real new year

  4. hey bobby!!! was wondering when you would come back to us!!! sorry to hear about your gf breaking up with..dont worry youre a young handsome guy. plenty of fish in the sea.

    and as far as BOTH OF US being single....wellllll, i think your mom would have something to say about you getting involved with an old chick loooooool !!!

    good to hear from you!