Saturday, December 6, 2008

flapping gums

what do you do when you tell someone something so secret. perhaps youve never even told anyone at all, and as soon as you tell regret it. you want to turn back time. you wish you had just zipped your lip.

what do you do?

especially if what you divulge can change how the other person thinks of you?


  1. I will stop thinking about it!

    I did the same mistake, tell'g my mega secret to one guy - and things were never the I have quit talking to that guy!

    I never regretted coz what is a frnd who cannot understand you and give respect for the trust you keep in him/ I am happy that I told him that secret and I came to know of real stupidity!

  2. I think this happens to all of us at one time or another. I think you can either:
    a)pretend like it didn't happen and hope all will be forgotten
    b)tell that person that you wish you hadn't said anything and can they please never mention it to you
    I think most people are less judgemental then we think they are, and I hope most people are tolerant of others experiences.
    Good luck.

  3. angry i wonder if it you said ppl are less judgemental than we think they are. so perhaps its me with issues..worrying about having revealed the secret.


    bobby im 100% with you on this one. if by revealing this secret to this person it makes them feel differently, then they werent as close to me as i thought. the "unconditional" love was conditional after all.

  4. there we go! Don't we just feel better! My method saves my gray cells for creative purposes than thinking about the whole shit thing

    Angry's method is useful if you want to continue your relationship wit that person! And if he/she is a civilized animal

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