Wednesday, August 20, 2008

im not sick anymore and birthdays.

now just have the lingering sneezing and coughing and a rough throat that makes me sound like the ladies who have been smoking for 100 years (no i dont smoke). thanks to the wellwishers here and other places.

today is my youngest sons birthday. he 1s 18 now. i remember when i had him. his name is christopher. i remember spending the entire time at the hospital alone because no one came to see me.

you see, my first husband was convinced that he wasnt his...this was the way my ex husband was....questioned every child. but this time was worse.

in the small town where we were living, there was no hospital so i had to travel to the next city (an hour away) to see the ob-gyn and to deliver by c-section. so i had to find a way there since i didnt have a car at the time. no one went with me. no one came to see him. no one sent me flowers or a card. and no one came to pick me up. i called my sister in the next state to see if she could come to get me. no. she couldnt although she was less than 2 hours away from me. i think i called some medical transport place to take me home.

chris, he was my third son. my third child. but no one found any interest in him. even when i took him home no one came to visit.

he is very handsome now. he is 18, 6ft 4 inches tall. has worked at the pizza parlor for 2 years. he just received a promotion from dishwasher to cook.

his dad finally came round as did the rest of the family. but it wasnt easy.

chris has a quick temper and a big mouth sometimes (like his mom). but he's sweet to me. if i need anything he is there. i have a soft place in my heart for him because he is my youngest son plus i will always remember how no one was there for him the day he entered the world.


  1. kayak getting bubbly n teary eyedAugust 20, 2008 at 11:04 PM

    Nothing really brings tears to my eyes, but that did.

    i felt like saying 'i wish i visited you, why didn't you tell me?!' lol. i was 4 so..


    say Happy birthday to Chris from me please.

    He's blessed with a wonderful mother like you.

    and I'm so glad you got better, that was quick masha'allah

  2. That is so sad!
    And now I feel bad because I didn't even see on the cozy calendar that it was his b-day.
    *runs off to cozy for a happy belated b-day post*

  3. salam Jana

    I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better.

    It is heartbreaking that you had to call medical transport! Wish I had known you then... I would have come and gotten you!

  4. Assalaamu alaikum

    Felt so sad reading about your experiences when you had your 3rd son :( and at a time when everyone around you should've been joyful and looking after you. :(

    Alhamdu Lillah, happy to hear what a good young man he has grown into - I guess he's not Muslim... May Allah guide him as He has guided you, ameen. Umm Ibrahim

  5. i was very sad at the time. and there are times when i look at him and think of it. it was long time ago and i will never tell him about it. that is one of the reasons i was always very very over protective of my children. i would go to end to defend them.