Sunday, June 15, 2008

taking aim

i walked out onto my back porch this morning and was beside myself. i usually sweep off the old shells where my little squirrels eat their daily regimen of sunflower seeds and peanuts and then pour out new fresh nuts for the little cuties.

but my eyes nearly popped out of my head this morning.

my neighbor was crouched behind his patio wall taking aim at the squirrels who gather in the grass beneath my porch before they jump up onto it to eat. all i saw was a shotgun. aimed toward my house. i was stunned and reacted quickly. i yelled out to him "are you trying to shoot the squirrels in my yard?" he stood up. he looked surprised. i yelled louder." i said are you shooting at the squirrels that are in my yard that i feed? am i setting up squirrels with bait for your target practice?" my heart was beating a mile a minute. he said he didnt know i was feeding them.

i continued to yell, through tears (and i got tearful because i was already upset by something else that had just happened prior to my stepping outside), "dont you know i have a small daughter that comes down these stairs? dont you know that there are several young neighborhoos children who play in the trees where you are aiming?"

he said "im sorry im sorry i didnt know you were feeding the squirrels"

he went inside his house. but after about 5 minutes the owner of the home came to my porch and said "i am so sorry. he didnt know you fed the squirrels. it wont happen again"

i was so angry really. i told him that i DO feed the squirrels and they were all sitting ducks in my yard for this man. i asked him if it was a shotgun or a bb gun and he said a pellet gun. i reminded him again that my young daughter is here and there are children who play in the woods behind us where he was aiming. and he said thats why the man came out early for target practice so that there wouldnt be anyone outside.

early? it was 11 a.m. since when was that early. it was nearly noon.

the man said it would never happen again.

for ppl who dont care anything about feeding squirrels or birds, im sure they could care less about my story. but it really shocked me. i felt like i was setting them up to be killed by an idiot wanting to improve his aim. i hate for ppl to shoot small animals and birds like this just so they can shoot something.

what happened to shooting coke cans?


  1. jeez. crazy man. you got some guts sis. nice.

  2. This man showed a complete and utter lack of responsibility. He should not even own a gun. My husband is a gun collector and an avid hunter. I'm okay with guns. They don't scare me. I know how to use them if I have husband taught me. And the FIRST thing he taught me is that you NEVER aim a gun--loaded or unloaded, pellet, bb or whatever kind of gun--at ANYONE or at ANY HOME. You never aim it at a road where cars and trucks pass by. You also don't use animals for target practice. That's what paper targets and cans are for. If that man wanted some target practice, he should have gone deep into the woods far away from all people and homes and roads. Or he could have gone to a shooting range. Tell him that if it happens again, you'll be calling the police because what he's doing is illegal.