Monday, May 12, 2008

my most private life.

will never show up here. that is one thing i just cannot do. i really read in awe when i find a blog where the author is extremely candid and able to spill their inner most feelings. i guess there are a couple of reasons why. i used to be really frank and tell what was going on in my life but then i discovered that sometimes people use that bit of revelation against you at a later time or spend their coffee breaks gossiping about you. and you know who was the best at doing that? my own family (sisters, brothers, cousins). i had no idea years ago that when i told one sister something it traveled through a network. i used to feel totally slapped when i discovered that my "secrets" were not mine at all. no, i had beamed my innermost feelings up to a satellite hovering over the earth and it had been splintered down to a hundred different homes.

another thing i learned was not to talk about my husband. my current husband is my second husband. when youre having troubles, its not always best to spill your guts to someone unless you know they are totally faithful to you and your secrets. if you tell the wrong person or more than one person, it spreads like a bad rash. then they feel, also, that they have the right to slander your husband at whim!!! you know the old thingy.....its ok if i say something bad about my husband but that doesnt give YOU the right to.

then only recently, someone read information that i deemed personal on a website i have for women only and actually threw it in my face. something i had written FOUR YEARS AGO. i couldnt even remember what the heck she was talking about.....but it slowly crawled back into my brain a couple of days later.

that is why i write about boring things, mundane things, blah blah blah kinda things.

talking about my mom is one thing. but talking about things that really affect me deeeep inside is another animal altogether.


see ya!

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  1. Salaams Sis:

    Better late to learn than never, eh? Sadly, we sometimes forget that the internet is a public forum. I have done this myself. I am especially very careful because my name is on my blog.