Sunday, May 11, 2008

i feel really happy

today is mothers day. and im most definately a mother. i have 5 children. all with very different personalities and goals in life. you know it wasnt the easiest to raise all of them but at least theyre alive, doing well and healthy. they all work.......ok no they dont. my 16 and 5 year old daughters dont work, but the 3 boys do.
they took me out to dinner last night in honors of mothers day. mexican, which is definately not my favorite. they told me to pick where i wanted to go and of course i picked something that i thought everyone would like. but On the Border is not typical mexican restaurant fare. its pretty good and the atmosphere is good. so we had fun.

but thats not the reason im happy.....i really have no explanation . just a good feeling. an overall peace. which for me is not always available. there is usually something that has me feeling a little nervous or thinking hard. but not this morning, alhamdulillah.

anyway, wanted to wish the mothers of this world a happy day. i hope that you have loving children and that you will always grow as their mother.


  1. We should start our own blog together.....

    Mothers of 5!!!

    LOL! Loved ur post...happy Mom's day to you.....

  2. lol safa, we do have quite a crew dont we!!!??? have any suggestions for the name of our blog looool.

  3. Salam
    I see a lot of Muslims giving other Muslims guff for celebrating mother's day, but it's refreshing to see that not everyone is like that, so happy be-lated mothers day

  4. no sister im not like that at all. my oldest 4 children are not muslims and even though i dont care a thing about mothers day honestly, im not going to tell them after 22 years that they can no longer honor me as their mother on this day. yes they do things for me all the year around.....but im a revert, and i dont believe in turning up my nose to the rest of the family just because ive changed. and even if i didnt agree with it at all, i still wouldnt tell another muslim mother what to do inshallah.

    and thanks for the greeting!!! btw, im jana also!