Sunday, May 4, 2008


this may be silliness, i dont know really. but i started a new website....just a little page with information about islam. well i wanted the input of different muslims on the site, i even added a mens page but i needed men to write for me. just short articles. anything. any topic.

i just needed a little assistance.

main thing is im a revert (convert), and i needed the input of ppl that were a little more knowledgable than i am. so i asked several ppl, nearly everyone offered me a reason why they couldnt. a few reasons were legit..truly they were. some said they would and never came through. some offered really lame reasons. it doesnt take long to write a short article. something simple. but for the most part i was IGNORED.

hmmm maybe ive had a stroke and accidentally asked for money instead of an article.

anyway, noone is obligated to help me do anything and i did start the website. but i just know how i am.......if someone asked me to help them i would jump on it, actually i would be honored that they thought enough of me to ask lol.

i feel frustrated as not one single person has come through. and i thought, as muslims, we were all supposed to give dawah. i really (perhaps im naive) thought at least a handful of ppl would be interested.

i do have to give it to one lady though!! i went to a forum that i visit from time to time and asked for help with a few articles and a member did pm me offering to help. alhamdulillah and inshallah. thanks to that lady.

i know ppl are busy but i am too.......but we should all set aside 10 mins to offer ourselves for the sake of God.

i just feel a little let down i guess. but ill finish it, no matter how long it takes.

rant over.


  1. I missed that memo....I will write for you if you like... just send me the goods and I will help you out

  2. I didn't see it either. LOL If you were talking about the Sobia forums, apologies from me!

  3. Salaams Sis:

    Don't take it personally. Some people are over-extended, yet others don't know how to say "no" gracefully.

    Also, once a writer publishes something online, it is considered "published" and often cannot be re-used in other venues, i.e., magazines, etc.